Christian must live!

Thanks to the spontaneous support of over 8,000 of people we received 665 844 US Dollar of donations until April 4th. THANK YOU!

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Blincyto treatment of Christian

The party has to wait – we need a little longer

You wonderful people,
many weeks ago we had written an update already with the title „the best update ever“ and were about to publish it. We also had just begun to plan our big wedding party in november this year. And as it has become some sort of pattern for this desease: within hours, our world changed completely.

After the successful treatment with Blincyto we did chemo, radiations and a stem cell transplant with his own cells and finally came home end of august. For a long time, everything looked great. But we only spend 2 weeks at home before Burkitt showed its face again. This disease develops so insanely fast and aggressive. It is breath taking. So. Since beginning of September we were back in the hospital and were trying to manage this new Burkitt attack. Assumedly due to the pressure of the therapy of the last months, some of the Burkitt cells flew into Christian’s bone marrow and hid there. In the course of only days, they managed to multiple themselves up to 1 kg of mass there. It’s hard to understand how something like this can be possible.

Blincyto itself did an excellent job in destroying all the tumors that Christian had. But the following therapies were not enough to shut it down for good. We are now hoping, that the todays innovative medicine is faster then evolution, due to which single unbelievable aggressive cells destroy the body in which they live. We know that we have the best medical staff and preconditions to still make it.
What’s next?
Since mid of September Christian’s receiving Blincyto again which saves his life for a second time right now. We made it through the rough side effects and now are able to catch some breath and build up new strength. We are pretty groggy right now but above all grateful. Again, Blincyto is working very well for Christian. Since yesterday we know, there is no proof of cancer cells left in his bone marrow.
But we know Burkitt better by now. Situations can change in a second and Burkitt is not exactly a fair player. So we expect some cells to hide again and prepare themselves for the next attack. And this is what we don’t want to allow. We are preparing for a stem cell transplant within the next weeks (we found already a donator) and are thankful for another chance to make an end to this bastard.
Thanks to Blincyto, our medical team, Christian’s unbreakable will to succeed, Friends, Family and people we don’t even know personally, we still have a chance for a normal life. And we do everything for it. We don’t leave Burkitt of the hook ;-) To tell you a secret: it has no chance against us, it just does not realize it so far.

Well a foreign stem cell transplant is not easy going and comes wih a lot of risks. BUT: as long as we have a realistic chance for living, we do everything for it. No risk, no life ;-)

We always manage to find little loop holes in the clinic day-by-day. As we never know, what the near future brings, we simply celebrated our 10 month marriage anniversary in hospital end of September – and had a blast!
Decision of the health insurance
Sadly, we also can inform you about the final decision of our health insurance which will still not pay for Blincyto. This is very disappointing for us as the insurance does not seem to take the reality into consideration. This is how we see it: Blincyto is rescuing Christian’s life already for the second time and is giving us the chance to move on.
But we don’t stick to negative news and will focus on the positive ones and our one goal.
Endowment Fund ChristianMustLive!
We still have means left from our campaign. Thanks to you all. We can’t foresee right now how much money we still will have to come up with but we founded an endowment fonds ChristianMustLive! for the event that there will be money left after Christian’s treatment. We would then make sure that this money goes directly into the research of Burkitt lymphoma or directly to other patients who are in the same situation as Christian.

Now, we concentrate on recovering and getting strong again in the next weeks. As you know by know, we already have written “the best update ever” which will be ready to publish, as soon as we made it for good. We have no doubt that this will be the case even if it will take quite a while.

As always: We have no words to express our gratitude towards you and all who support us. This means the world to us. Take care you wonderful, wonderful people.
And keep fingers crossed for us: we are still shooting for the moon ;-)
And always know: „The force is strong with this one“ ;-)
Christian & Stefanie
10 months Christian & Stefanie

10 months <3